Sunday, July 1, 2007

On the roof of Europe

Today the rest of the grup reached the summit of Elbrus. Minna, Jukka and Jussi started with a professional guide from Barrels Huts around 0400hrs with the Snow Cat up to Pastukhov Rocks and based on initial reports everybody made it all the way up there. If the weather up there was parallel to what I was experiencing today near Diesel Hut at my camp it was even worse than yesterday. Gongratulations!

I'm back in the Azau village now preparing for departure to Moscow and maintaining the gear. According to the forecast the weather is not getting better and the visibility up there is less than 200m all the time. I will miss the chance to get good photos up there and also checking out the Land Rover wreck. Also camping at Pastukhov Rocks or higher is not feasible due to heavy snow fall and high winds. On the other hand I managed to do a solo ascent under relatively difficult conditions and based on this experience I feel confident attempting more challenging peaks in the future.

I will post later more detailed analysis and an ascent report as well as commentary on the gear I was using.

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